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AG Keratin Shampoo Details

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Product Reviews
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BBC Salon now carries AG products!

AG Hair Cosmetics Refuel’s delicate sulfate- and salt-free formula gently bathes and cleanses the hair in luxurious lather while keratin nourishes and helps strengthen dry, damaged hair.
What’s in it:

  • Sulfate-free surfactants: Gentle, colour- and treatment-safe cleanser with incredible lather.
  • Keratin amino acids: The primary building blocks of hair, penetrate the hair shaft, bonding, repairing and smoothing while adding strength, elasticity, moisture and shine and protecting against further structural trauma.
  • Herbal extracts: Help soothe the scalp and adds shine.
  • Salt-free: Most shampoos use salt as a thickener, which dries out your hair. AG’s shampoos are salt free leaving your hair healthy and hydrated.
    Keratin myth: Overuse of Keratin can make the hair brittle.
    False. Keratin amino acids are the primary building blocks of human hair and help maintain the hair’s core strength, moisture balanceĀ  and elasticity, all vital to protecting the hair against damage and breakage. Keratin Repair has an abundant amount of keratin amino acids in order to make your hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use. It is not possible to make the hair brittle with, or to overuse, keratin amino acids